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Hayley Taylor – Founder of LV CBD

I had considered taking CBD oil for some time and finally purchased some from a high street health shop. I started on 500mg, which helped slightly with my symptoms, however I came across a Canadian CBD oil at a high strength of 3000mg, containing 30% cbd. I thought I’d try this product to see if it would help with my symptoms.

I noticed a difference to my wellbeing within a few days. I was calmer (being an anxious mum of 2), sleeping much better, it helped clear my brain fog and my back and pelvic pain had diminished.

I became more interested in how CBD could help other individuals. I purchased more CBD and offered them to family and friends to try. They too, we’re surprised at how much this product was helping them. Everything from helping with their pain, anxiety, depression and debilitating headaches.

I decided to spread the word about my CBD oil and have since sold to many of my customers and with the amazing feed back I was receiving, decided to create my website. Being able to provide my premium CBD products to the UK at affordable prices.

I come from a holistic background, currently working as a Clinical Homeopath and previously a Sports Therapist. So finding a product which can help people with natural ingredients is so important to me. And knowing how much it is helping others with their general well being has been an amazing journey so far.

Our team at LV are very excited for the future and for the future of our customers. Bringing back some balance to their well being and helping them live the best life they can with our products.

What our customers say

Here l am week 3 without taking cbd oil from Hayley. Purgatory is the word. Experimented using the cbd oil for 2 weeks then left it off. Big mistake. The pains in my fingers are back, not immediately and not like it was but it is back. It proves to me at least that the strength of this cbd oil is far superior to that l usually use as l would have to take probably 8 or so drops to meet the strength of this oil per dose. Plus, and this is a big plus, l paid far more for my original supply.

Highly recommend as a definite for arthritis/rheumatic type pain and a feeling of calm. I think the experiment is now complete.

Paula, Milton Keynes

It’s helped my boyfriends nan who’s is 92 and has arthritis. It’s helped with her day to day mobility. It’s given her a new lease of life. Amazing product.

Lucy, Bedford

I’m absolutely loving Hayley’s CBD oil. I really suffer from anxiety, some days it’s so bad I get crippling pains to my stomach. Using Hayley’s CBD oil has helped me no end. Just a few drops 3 times a day takes the edge off of it. It just helps to calm me down. Plus it’s amazing value for money. The strength of the product is normally around £100 if not more but Hayley’s is so much more affordable, I couldn’t be happier.

Laura, Kempston

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